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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral
Dissertation Fellowships

The Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa program, launched in 2011, responds to an emerging dilemma within higher education in the global South caused by the extraordinary emphasis on increasing undergraduate enrollment without proportionate investment in faculty development, limiting the ability of universities to produce the next generation of researchers, faculty, technocrats, and leaders. The program currently operates to strengthen tertiary education in Africa by offering a sequence of fellowship opportunities for promising PhD students to undertake research and make steady progress toward completion of the doctoral degree and one post-doctoral fellowship:

  • Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship: Supports short-term research costs of up to US$3,000 to develop a doctoral dissertation proposal
  • Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship: Supports 6–12 months of doctoral dissertation research costs of up to US$15,000
  • Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship: Supports a one-year leave from teaching and administrative responsibilities through a stipend of up to US$10,000 to permit the completion of a doctoral dissertation
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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa
Post-Doctoral Writing Fellowship

The post-doctoral writing fellowship supports up to six months of completing an article or book manuscript through a stipend of up to US$3,000. It will enable the recipient to buy time off from teaching and administrative duties to focus exclusively on finalizing an article for a peer-reviewed journal or completing a book manuscript based on a Next Gen-supported doctoral dissertation that advances research on peace, security, and development. This fellowship is exclusively available for Next Gen alumni.

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